What is a CMI?

CMI stands for Collagen Meniscus Implant. It is a biological, resorbable meniscus implant made of highly purified collagen which is designed to promote the formation of new meniscus-like tissue in the self-healing process.

  • CMI is a natural, resorbable meniscus implant
  • It consists of highly purified collagen (collagen type I)
  • It uses the body's ability to regenerate tissue
  • CMI is arthroscopically implantable

 The Collagen Meniscus Implant (CMI®)

CMI for the lateral meniscus and CMI for the medial meniscus
CMI for the lateral meniscus and CMI for the medial meniscus

CMI is intended for use in patients with an irreparable meniscus tear or loss of meniscus tissue.

When a meniscus injury can’t be reattached by suturing, it is considered an ‘irreparable meniscus tear‘. Often the defective meniscal parts must be removed. If parts of the meniscus are removed without substitution, the upper and lower leg rub directly on each other and the cartilage layer is gradually worn down.

Studies have revealed that even partial removal of the meniscal tissue can increase cartilage stresses and lead to degenerative changes of the articular surfaces. These can result in considerable pain and loss of motion. Due to the degenerative nature of osteoarthritis, patients may eventually need an artificial knee joint.

The Collagen Meniscus Implant was developed to prevent or delay these long-term consequences of partial meniscectomy.

It is arthroscopically sutured in place of the removed meniscus tissue and serves the body as a matrix for the migration of the body's own cells. The meniscal defect is gradually filled in with the body's own tissue while the implant slowly reabsorbs.

The Collagen Meniscus Implant is a proven safe and viable treatment for both acute as well as chronic meniscus injuries.