The New SharpShooterThe SharpShooter® Tissue Repair System is a simple, easy-to-use method for repairing the meniscus via the inside-out suture technique.  The system includes a unique method to deliver either high strength 2-0 UHMWPE suture or 2-0 braided polyester sutures using a patented delivery handle and six anatomic cannulae to reach all areas of the meniscus arthroscopically.

The SharpShooter® was initially designed specifically for use with the CMI procedure.  However, due to its unique method of delivering sutures, ease of use, consistency, and speed it quickly became a standard for use in meniscus repair surgery as well.

The SharpShooter Cannulae are reusable and provided non-sterile.  There are six configurations of the SharpShooter Cannulae.  Right and left cannulae correspond to the surgeon's right and left while facing the affected knee.  The right and left posterior cannulae are used in the posterior third of the meniscus.  The right and left middle cannulae are used in the middle third of the meniscus.  The right and left anterior cannulae are used in the anterior third of the meniscus.   




  • Patented delivery handle
  • Single-handed operation

  • Six anatomic cannulae
    • Anterior (Left)
    • Anterior (Right)
    • Middle (Left)
    • Middle (Right)
    • Posterior (Left)
    • Posterior (Right)
  • Simple loading

  • Pre-attached sutures


  • Complete surgeon control over targeting sutures
  • Less assistance in the operating room
  • Better viewing and access to all areas of the meniscus






  • Reduced surgery time
  • Cost effective